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July 19, 2013
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: RoN : General Hayden by xMini-Momo : RoN : General Hayden by xMini-Momo
ahaaaaaaaaa~ ' 7 ' well well well its been a long time Hayden~ :iconrings-of-nature: <333 come join~ Now... uvu; lemme see If I can remember most of her info hehe Also~ u v u ignore my mistakes aha~ damn you armor

- I RP through chats, notes, comments, skype, and by email~ :iconsparklesplz:



- Hayden Chaz


- 23


- 5'3"


- 119 lbs


- Healer | Monk | Lance


- S


- Female


- Mother Earth~<3


- Gaia Kingdom

Animal trait:

- Black Bunny..rabbit LOL | Ears & Tail


- Lance | Brass Knuckles x2 | Medical bag


- [ Kind ]: Hayden has a very kind side to her. Especially to the people she is close to.
- [ Stubborn ]: She is as stubborn as a mule. When her goal is set she is set on finishing that goal, determined to make her goal come true.
- [ Pervy ]: Growing up around old pervy monks Hayden has also began to become a bit pervy herself. Well not her thoughts but rather..her actions are more pervy than her mind.
- [ Loyal ]: she is loyal to her Queen and she is loyal to her friends and her pet Ting.
- [ Playful ]: While being a general is a serious job Hayden is more of the playful general. She likes to goof off and make things fun.
- [ Serious]: Even though she is a playful little bunny girl, Hayden can become very serious when it comes down to it. Her happy smile will turn into a straight line and her playful eyes will be dead serious.
- [ Dense ]: Hayden can be a little dense to others feelings or just the people around her.
- [ Curious ]: She is curious about many many things and will always go to see what it is or who it is, no matter what the consequence is.
- [ Selfless]: Hayden tends to place other people above her needs. Even those she does not like.


- Good


- She has the ability to jump rather high, about 10-15 ft | She has decent knowledge about herbs and medical treatment | Has very GREAT hearing so don't gossip about her //slap | Strongest in Muay Thai and Tae kwon do [ Martial Arts ]


- Afraid of deep water
- her pervy side really makes other people stand clear of her, even though she hates to be alone this side of her makes her that way.
- She loves to eat, but she is a horrible cook. If you let her near a kitchen all hell will break loose. So instead she picks and eats fruit around her or eat what others cook.
- Her left eye is slowly going blind. Due to the battle with the previous general; it causes for this to be her blind spot when she fights up close, since she cannot see well in her left eye.
- Fighting long-range is still a bit hard for her, since her aiming may be off.


- When Hayden was still just an infant she was left on the stairs in front of a temple in the forest near the Gaia kingdom. The head monk had heard her cry when he was sweeping the top of the steps. Taking her in and raising her. Growing up, Hayden was very..VERY observant of the people around her. Which meant that she started to copy and do everything the monks did. When she was 7 she walked around the temple with some minks and in the corner of her eye she saw some younger monks peeking into the hot springs near the temple. Curious, she went over to examine what it was they were looking at and as she peeked through the crack, she saw cute and beautiful women...taking a the hot springs. On that day, every time there was a new person going into the hot springs, Hayden would go and accompany the fellow monks to go and peep on them. During that time she also found a baby red panda that was hurt in the small bush. She decided to take care of her until she gotten better. Upon turning 9 the head monk decided that it was time to teach Hayden some self defense martial arts. Training for years she came to be a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is at a high level in Muay Thai. She had gotten her black belt at the age of 14 and learned the ways of a lance.

At age 15 she began to take on the interest in medicine and herbs. Although, she only learned about the herbs around the temple and wanted to expand her knowledge of it. So after she studies and learned about the possible herbs and medicines in the temple she went off to go and search for more herbs to use. At this time Hayden had turned 18. She went out at noon that day, taking a bag and a note book. She also Couldn't forget her cute little red panda, Ting. Leaving and going into the woods, she began her research of herbs. Hours and hours passed by, she never realized she was so far until she walked back and saw the smoke. Panic came to her and she ran towards the smoke and prayed that it wasn't her home. Stopping and dropping to her knees, her blood ran cold. The temple, everything, was burnt down. She ran to the head monk; he was crawling away from the burning building and coughing. "Master!" She pulled him further away from the smoke and ask him where he was hurt, but her only shook his head and pointed up at the wall that was slowly burning away and her eyes widen, an enemy symbol was painted there, on the wall where she lived with these monks.

She stayed together with the head monk trying to stop his bleeding where, it looks like he was stabbed. Only, he died a few hours later. There, Hayden waited. She waited for soldiers or someone to help them. But all those hours she sat there, not one man came to see what had happened. A new day came upon her and still, no one in sight. Furious, she ran to the kingdom. She ran as fast as her legs could take her and when she got there,she demanded to see the general of the Gaia Kingdom. She was going to give that man a piece of her mind when she saw him. Entering the room she saw the general sitting there, eating like a slobbing pig and she looked away somewhat at the gross site. "What are you here for little girl. Can't you see I'm eating?" He bit into a chicken leg, glaring at her, "Why haven't you sent your men to look at what happened yesterday at the temple?! The monks are dead now! How could you be sitting there eating so--" she was cut off as the general threw the knife at her, but it instead hit the door. "Why? Those perverted monks should die." he scoffed and continued to eat and then she slammed her fist onto the table, "I challenge disgusting pig!" she sneered at him, "If I win...I will ask the Queen herself..for me to be the general..not some..pompous selfish man! But if I am to lose..I will leave the Gaia kingdom and never come back."

With that he laughed and agreed to her terms and so, they made their way to the arena. They started out to pick the weapon, of course the general pat his sword and smirked at her, she picked the brass knuckles and heard him chuckle. Every second was making her lose her temper. Hearing the horn she wasted no time and charged at him, decked him right in the jaw, his face became red and furious and kicked her in the stomach, he drew out his sword and made an attempt to slice her neck but she jumped back and charged again kicking at his legs but her jumped out the way and elbowed her cheek. She stood her ground and punched the hand holding the sword and as he dropped it she kicked it further away, only he tripped her and pinned her down and began to choke her. "ahaha you think you're so great challenging me?! You little [BEEP]!!" He took out a hidden dagger and brought it closer to her left eye and she tried to hold him off but he squeezed tighter and he sliced her eye. Feeling the pain she panicked and kicked him off, holding her eye, "YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A PATHETIC GIRL!" he laughed as he sat there. She ran at him and kneed him dead center in the face and straddled him, punching him in the face repeatedly until he was motionless and stood up, wobbling to the infirmary. She won but felt like poop. Later the doctor told her the general had been put into the dungeon and he put some sort of poison on the dagger before entering the arena. He told her they had no cure here in the kingdom for that kind of poison and it will slowly turn her left eye blind. Hayden just accepted it and not soon after the Queen came in and smile at her softly, telling Hayden that she will be taking the position of the general and never expected the past was such a violent man.

Hayden was very happy and vowed to be the best general the Queen will ever see. Years passed and her eye began to get worse and she set out to find a cure, but alas she could not even find something to slow down the effect of the poison. So now, she decided, even if she had lost her eye sight in one eye it won't affect her as a person or as the general of the Gaia Kingdom.


- Fruits [ strawberry lover~<3 ] | Playing with Ting | Practicing her martial arts | Looking for new herbs | being a lil perv | Singing | Eating


- Sour things | reading | cold water | being alone | Bitter foods | small tight places | cold weather | people touching her ears | raw meat

Additional facts:

- The tattoo's on her legs are something traditional when she stayed at the temple.
- She love's the color red.
- She has a small red panda as her lovely companion. Her name is Ting.
- She has a total of 9 piercings on her ears & tongue.
- Her hair is all white with hints of light blue.
- She likes to wear light clothing so she can move more freely.
- HATES skirts or dresses
- Half blind in her left eye
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Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Poor, poor bunny babbu. ;A;
xMini-Momo Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xD yeahhhhhhh its slowly getting worse Y u Y;;
She doesn't mind it OuO only whenshefights she minds lol
Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Oh nonononono
Not my precious General Bunnykins. ;A;
/cuddles her ever so tight
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student
WOW awesome character yay for Hayden (loved her story, kicked that rotten loser old man general) good thing the queen gave her the position!

Pfft Queen Gardenia is 26 years old so that means she is three years older then you, I'm glad Gardenia's mother kicked that general's butt. 
whoa she is the opposite of Gardenia, (she loves dresses and skirts)

aww Red Panda Ting so cute. :heart: straberries Mmm their good, Hayden likes strawberries! We have something in common. 

Love her armor and how you colored her as well. And her design too :heart:
xMini-Momo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Q A Q<333333333333 I'm so glad you like her!!!~<33 ahaha yes e u e butt kicking is good

LMAO uierhgisvfd ; 3 ; I didn't think about that omg xD I'm sorry haha
Y u Y as long as she doesn't make Hayden wear any, they will be da bestestttt friendds lol

Yess Ting~ I will be posting her up soon I hope lol and Hayden LOVES LOVEEEEEEEEEEES them~~<333

Thank you so much!! it was my first time doing something like that so xD I was so confused but my Hubby was here to help me and give me tips lol <3
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Student
:)  yes I like Hayden a lot! Not only she is cool but she is a bunny anibred (and I love bunnies, since I even own one)… (look at Starburst!) 

no worries, I am sure Queen Gardenia would never make Hayden wear dresses. 
*waits for Ting* 

your welcome:)
xMini-Momo Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww I'm so glad you like her Q A Q she is my precious baby<333
>w< starburst is adorable!!!!<333333333333333

xD good e v e becuz Hayden will become a tsun //slap
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student
 :heart: aww thank you:)

he's two years old (his birthday is in March)

yeah that wouldnt be a very good sight to see. Queen Gardenia respects her generals, her people, and people who work for her. 
xMini-Momo Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Q u Q he is adorable!<3

ahh~ that's great to know! ; u ; we have such a kind a beautiful queen~<3
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student
:) well now that adorable fur ball is shedding (sheds every three months..)

:) yes its good to have a queen like that. 
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