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::Illegibilus:: Sai Valentine by xMini-Momo ::Illegibilus:: Sai Valentine by xMini-Momo
A HARRY POTTER GROUP //FANGIRLING-- ahem~ so this is my character for :iconillegibilus: //cries happily
<33333 I hope I get in ~~~Q 7 Q~~~ and JOIN ME..maybe yes do it! eve become a hufflepuff with me!


 Sai Valentine




boobies Female


 5' 2"


110 lbs


October 31








Konan Wakeshima <3


Caring | Loyal | Stubborn | Brave | very Friendly | Curious | Lazy..sometimes | a Derpy Dork | Playful | Prankster | Clumsy | Speaks her mind | Shy | Competitive [hates it sometimes] | Hothead | Honest | Protective | Silly

Sai is a friendly person, although her look my say other wise. When she meets others for the first time, she is shy and is clumsy.But the more you get to know her the more she will open up and the more comfortable she is around you the more friendlier she is. Her mother always told her to be honest, whether or not it was good or bad, this blue haired girl will speak her mind truthfully, not wanting to build a relationship on lies and or to please the other. During games and sports she can get really, really competitive, at times she hates it and other times she just lets it all out. 

Over time she will be very protective of the people she gets close to. By any means she will put the life of her friend before hers to keep them out of harms way, whether they like it or not. She is also a little prankster. She will do little pranks on the people she likes but for the people who push her buttons they will get a far worse prank.

Although Sai is overall a friendly person, she can also be hotheaded. When people push at her buttons, keep pushing and pushing, her nice smile will turn into a creepy 'I'm-gonna-slap-you-if-you-don't-stop' smile.


Sai was born in Korea, raised by her loving mother, Hinata Joon Valentine. She was a pure blood witch, her father, Yamato Valentine, also pure blood wizard. The duo was so excited about having their first daughter. Although, her father was a little nervous, talked about how he needed to protect her from boys. As the years rolled by, Sai was curious about the things that she could do. When she turned 6, Sai was bullied a bit by the other girls and boys in her class. They called her weird names and cornered her a lot. She knew  she was an oddball, but they took it too far. That point she would get mad and yell at them, she was normally a sweet girl, but they pushed her buttons and that gave you a loud monster. It was from there her parents decided that she would home schooled. She thought it was nice being home schooled, her mother taught her a lot about mythical creatures and a little bit on potions but they always seem to explode on her.

But after turning 8, they decided to put her back in school, since both parents had jobs to do. She was always sleeping or eating in her classes and looked like she wasn't paying any sort of attention. But to the teachers surprise, Sai got decent grades. But her best grade was math. She always excelled in math and was always good with numbers. But that was thanks to her father and his love for math and numbers.

At that time, Sai was left to watch over her little brother. He was a sweet little monster. He would always bug his sister and hit her a lot, but she didn't mind, she loved him and wanted to give him all the love she could. He was a little goofball and loves to run around the house naked and make his big sister chase him. However, on that night, her mother came home gasping for air, locking the door with a spell and scooping up Satoshi into her arms and grabbed Sai by the hand, she rushed them up the stairs, "We have to go meet your father at the tunnel" Her mother did explain to her before about the magical world and what they could do, but she was taken back when she saw a broom. Before she questioned her mother, she pulled her on and held onto the baby boy and they flew out the window. At that point Sai was confused at what was happening. Everything was a blur and before she knew it, they were on the ground.

"Mama, what's happening??" The young girl asked. She looked up to see strange men with wands approaching them, then she heard her fathers voice, "Stupefy!" out of the blue something made one of the men stop moving and watched as her father and mother pushed back the pursuers. Sai Held onto Satoshi, covering his ears and moved back and heard a yelp from her mother. She watched as the older woman clutched onto her her arm, about to send an attack but her father said something to her and ran back and picked up Sai and she had a puzzled look on her face and saw the tears rushing down her mothers cheeks, "Mama..? Mama! What about Papa!!!?" PAPA!!!" tears also came to her eyes as well when they flew away again and to a house she had never been to.

She followed her mother up the steps and was greeted by a warm hug. Then it hit her, this was where she was going to be living. After a few days and when everything calmed down, her mother explained that the house they were in was their aunt. Aunty Linda was a Pure blood and liked the sound of their company and started her life there. Time pasted by and no word from her father. At that point her mother would always try to look for him but still no word.

A month after turning 11 Sai received a letter and her mother and aunt seemed to jump with joy. She was filled with excitement when she was the letter, Hogwarts, wanted her to be there? She screamed and jumped with joy and hugged her mother and aunt tightly, that was truly the best day of her life. Her mother quickly grabbed her purse and took Sai out to  Diagon Alley and helped her gather what was needed. 

To her surprise, everything was so much cooler than she thought. It was like one of her dreams that she had, only better. After that her mother helped her pack her things and took her to the train station. She was confused at first until her mother pushed her into the pillar. "Wow..." There were little sparkles in her eyes and like that, waved and hugged her mother good bye.

When she entered the school grounds, all she could do was stare. She followed everyone and was excited when it was her turn to see which house she would be in and as she sat there quietly, the sorting hat yelled, "HUFFLEPUFF!" she grinned and sat down at the table. But even though she had on a grin she was pretty dang nervous and also excited. She did not expect such an amazing 1st year at the school. Perhaps it was the great interest she had in it and with out a doubt excited for the future years to come.

Now, she is beginning her 6th year at Hogwarts and the excitement she had the first day is still with her. But instead of black hair, her hair is now blue; due to a potion she did before coming. She has become older, wiser, and most importantly, happier. She loved all her classes back then and she knows she will love the ones she has this year. She even joined the Quidditch team as a seeker! After all the years she finally took a chance. She is now excited to start a new year and meet more amazing witches and wizards.


Cooking | Knitting | Singing | Yoga | Playing sports | Playing the piano


Mother: Hinata Joon Valentine- Korean- 42 [ living ]

Father: Yamato Valentine- Japanese- 45 [ ??? ]

little brother: Satoshi Valentine- Korean-Japanese- 12 [ living ]

Aunt: Linda Valentine- Korean- 40 [ living ]


Quidditch | Books | Singing | Pranks | Magic | Lollipops | Lil Ms Melon | Food | Animals | Watermelon | Mythical Creatures | Listening to music | Big Sweaters & Fluffy Scarfs | Surprises | Math | Numbers | Tea | Coffee | Winter


Insects | Small dark spaces | Summer | bitter coffee | Failing | Being messy | Slow walkers | Being scared by others | Surprises

Elective Classes

Arithmancy | Care of Magical Creatures

Extra Curricular: 

Quidditch [Seeker~<3] | Xylomancy

Relationships: [ Stars: Friendship feeling Heart: Romantic feeling Flame: Dislike feeling]

- Amy Deasmhumhain- Friends- Amy...Amy Amy Amy. She is an energetic person. Funny and crazy adorable. We are just silly willies sometimes. And I think out pets fancy one another. Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!

Jody Linea- Acquaintance- She helped me with my books. She seems really nice and fun to talk to. Star!Star!Star!

- Tristan Llewellyn- Friend..friend [??]- Ah, cute. Really the only guy that makes me all flustered like no ones business. He has a cute smile... HeartStar!Star!Star!

Cecelia Demmerson- Friend- Cece! A Lovelyhuff I met when she needed help with her potions. She is very sweet and just overall bubbly, so cute. Star!Star!Star!Star!

- Arisu Ashworth- Acquaintance- A little Huff I met in the dorms. I haven't talked to her much but she is polite and cute. Aha, we have matching color hair. Star!

- Alice Berry- Friend- A Chaser for the Hufflepuffs. She is so sweet and cute. Really nice and friendly. Star!Star!Star!

- Fu Ling- Friend- Ah~ Dear Fu, you my dear are so great. I hope to see you as a famous fashion designer one day! So lady-like. Perfect Ling. Star!Star!Star!
- Ru Ling- Enemy..ish [??]-  Apparently she is Fu's twin sister. I do not like her very much. She belittles the Hufflepuff house and is violent. I don't like her very much..but she is Fu's sister...  FlameFlameFlameFlame

- Emerson Powell-Friend- A boy I met in the corridor. We have the same interest in playing the piano. Such a cute Hufflepuff. Star!Star!Star!Star!

Elise Veronica Dremore-Friend..ish- Ah, she is really quiet and sweet at the same time. She believes that it was her fault I broke my nose. But it really was just my clumsy feet. Star!Star!Star!

-  Artemis Eisler- Friend- He is my savior. For my hair. Some first years puts gum in my hair and he helped me take it out. I still owe him a nice meal as thanks. He can also make his tummy look bigger...weird...and so tall. Star!Star!Star!

Xavier Veneti-Acquaintance- I met him in the library and we just started to talk about the books and his height. He is a rather tall fellow. Star!Star!Star!

Sophie Bankston- Friend..acquaintance- She is so cute. Very adorable and sweet. I would like to talk to her some more. Star!Star!

Jennifer Adelaide Simms- Friend..acquaintance- A cute first year. She is so so so so so adorable! Star!Star!

Annie Bastetac-Acquaintance- Another Hufflepuff. She likes to bake and she LOVES cats. She also sleeps at random times. I fear for her sometimes. Star!Star!Star!

Nadi Chota-Friend [??]- Nadi. She has nice soft boobs. She also caught me when I was sleepy. Now she calls me...sleepy ...something I don't remember. Star!Star!Star!

Lawrence Kingston- Friend [??]- The Seeker for Slytherin. I admire his skill. It also seems like he likes Alice to some extent. I am not sure. Star!Star!Star!

- Samuel J. Morse- Friend- We talked a lot about books. Or the content. He makes herbology sound cool and I am jealous he can be surrounded by so many magical creatures at his home. Star!Star!

Tristan Prescott- Acquaintance- Out new Keeper. He is a flirtatious one. He also makes me flustered. But a different kind of flustered from Tristan's. Ah but he also has a cute ferret, Annabelle. Star!Star!


[Lumos Maxima]: Generates a bright light. A more powerful version of the Lumos spell.

[Wingardium Leviosa]: Makes things levitate.

[Protego]: Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes.

[Ventus]: Shoots thin cord ropes out of the wand. Once it's out you could control the rope.

[Episkey]: Heals minor injuries.

[Relashio]: Used to shoot out sparks or used underwater to shoot hot burst of water.

Wand Ingredients:

 Dragon heartstring









Lil Ms Melon


 Albino Fruit Bat




Hyper | Affectionate | Greedy with her fruit | Sweet | Curious | Cuddler | Protective 

Lil Ms Melon is a cute little fruit bat. She is very protective of her owner. Do something to hurt her and this little bat will annoy you. She is also very affectionate to Sai, cuddling her when she sleeps is the best. She also gets very curious when she encounters something she doesn't know, for example, a watermelon. When she first met Sai,the first thing she gave her was a sliced watermelon. She was scared of it but then sniffed it and BAM she fell in love with the sweet juicy taste.


Always has a lollipop in her mouth | Her right eye is brown and her left eye is green | Has reading glasses | Scared of Needles | Hair is always in her puffs | Her hair is naturally wavy | LOVES winter and the cold Cuddle season //slap | Sings when no one is around | Has a little tattoo of a heart behind her left ear | She has 4 piercings in total [ 2 on each ear ] | small spaces| got her blue hair from messing up her potion

Sai Valentine (C) me
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